Beth Wampler, co-founder, Agency Off Record, Denver, CO

“Sheila has a spark and drive not found in the common person. In her work for me as a professional freelance copywriter, her drive and creative spunk are apparent in every project she works on.  She grasps objectives and goals quickly… her work for me has always been of the highest quality.”


Barrie Zwicker, award-winning journalist and former managing editor of The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Ontario

“Sheila is one of the sharpest minds I know — and at my age I know an awful lot of people. Her writing reflects and benefits from that mind.

“She researches with care, then presents her findings logically and gracefully. [Her article on the Boston bombing] is a tremendous analysis and and contribution to the literature.

“She’s energetic. She knows when to initiate and when to follow. She’s well rounded and a pleasure to work with.”


Dee Caruso, writer for 1960s TV sitcoms and top comics such as Robin Williams, and UCLA screenwriting professor for 20 years, Brentwood, CA

“Don’t underestimate your talent because it comes easily to you. What is easy for you is difficult or impossible for other writers.”

Matt Sullivan, editor and publisher, Rock Creek Free Press, 2006-2011, Bethesda, MD

“Sheila embodies the qualities of a top notch journalist, in both intellect and character. Her passion for journalism comes from the purest of motivations: a fervent desire to create a more just, equitable and peaceful world.

“The articles Sheila has written for me have been doggedly researched, intelligently organized, and eloquently written. I have received numerous letters of appreciation from our subscribers about her work.

“Sheila demonstrates an uncommon degree of intellectual independence. She reads widely, knows her own mind and is not easily swayed by the opinions of others, even a large group of others. She has been willing, in her writing, to take a story where the evidence leads, regardless of the popularity of that conclusion. She does not, however, go beyond the evidence; her summaries are well supported.

“She has overcome formidable obstacles to make significant contributions in the fields of advertising, journalism and film. She is fun loving and outgoing, and focused on how she can contribute to the world. I enthusiastically recommend her to you.”


Craig McKee, publisher, Truth and Shadows, Montreal, Quebec

“One article from Sheila has brought in more traffic to my political blog than 25 articles from all the other guest authors combined.  Even four years after publication, her expose on the Boston bombing continues to place among the top ten most read articles, and has been viewed 200,000 times.

“Sheila has an exceptional sense of how to identify and communicate a message in the most effective and persuasive way possible, and with a unwavering determination to be the best in her field, she knows how to turn that knowledge into results.

“She is able to analyze a complex situation and see the patterns and clues that go unseen by almost everyone else.  I have seen first-hand how she brings integrity to everything she does, and is willing to take courageous stands that others often will not.  I expect we will continue to work together in some capacity for many years to come.”

thumb_02_60_60 Craig Sechler, SAG-AFTRA actor, Washington, D.C.
“Sheila is that rarest of commodities: a comedy writer who always delivers. When she puts pen to paper, there are laughs on every page! Wanna deliver a message with some humor? Hire Sheila.”
Lorie Allen, Vice President, Colorado State Bank & Trust, Denver, Colorado

“The best measure of Sheila’s qualifications is the degree of pleasure I have experienced in working with her.

“The consumer loan campaign was an outstanding success as a result of her creative and marketing expertise. The number of loans booked increased 364% for November and December…the IRA campaign came in a week early and $3K under budget. Sheila Casey had sole responsibility for this.

“She continually demonstrates a willingness to work hard and be creative on our behalf. I appreciate her enthusiasm and support and would recommend her to any financial institution.”

thumb_03_60_60 Linda Pohle, President, The Marketing Department, Denver, CO
“I worked with Sheila when she was in Denver and highly recommend her marketing and communication skills. The business writing she did for me was clear, persuasive, fresh and on-point. Plus she’s a delight to work with as she has a good sense of humor!”
Mari Jane Panek, Internal Communications Manager at Hitachi Vantara, Santa Clara, CA

“Sheila is a total pro when it comes to delivering communications with impact. Her content marketing know-how and command of how to create advertising and marketing campaigns is demonstrated in the work she has done for numerous tier-one organizations.

“She is a highly creative and talented writer who brings keen insights and depth of understanding to even the most complex ideas. Highly articulate and energetic, she brings intelligence and well-developed editorial skills to any job. Read any of her smart bylined articles and you’ll see a storyteller who can help bring your company’s stories to life. She would be an asset to any communications team.”