Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Thoughtcrime Communications.

What is a thoughtcrime?

In George Orwell’s dytopian novel Nineteen Eighty Four, a thoughtcrime was a thought that opposes or questions the ruling party. In our current world, where the ruling party is a malicious shadow government that operates outside of the law, a thoughtcrime is a thought that leads to truth, justice, health, peace and happiness, rather than the death, despair and disease propagated by the shadow government.  

Thoughtcrime Communications exists to help the voices of truth, justice, goodness and peace find larger audiences and become a force for change and hope in our world.

Is this some kind of wacky conspiracy theory?

The phrase “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA in the 1960s to discredit intellectuals who had figured out that Oswald did not shoot JFK and that the Warren Commission was a complete fraud with a pre-determined mission to corroborate the official story.  The CIA was largely successful in convincing the American public that anyone who disagreed with the government’s story was by definition unstable, unreliable and not to be taken seriously.